Tea according to Christopher Hitchens

Do I really need Christopher Hitchens to tell me how to make tea? Yes, it turns out I do.

After buying some high-end French Theodor tea that I squished into one of those spoon-type loose tea holders, I mused that something was not quite right with my method. The very next day, I hear the Hitch has written about the proper way to make tea.

I followed Hitch’s directions, which were really George Orwell’s, published in 1946, and sipped on my early afternoon brew. The tea was preceded by a salad of mango, avocado, and orange with bits of walnuts.

My cat knew something was up. He bounded onto the dining table, in his graceful and effortless manner, sniffing the air. The tea blend, Histoire Tibétaine, has a bit too much of the green tea for my taste, as I prefer black. Looking at the Urban Tea Merchant’s website and its numerous offerings, it probably has a blend to my specifics. If I could take the time to look.

Tea salons are popping up all over the city. The only problem, like breakfast cereals, there’s too many choices. I’ve settled for steel-cut oats and a muesli from the Swedish company Finax. When it comes to tea, next time I’ll probably go for an Earl Grey blend. It never lets me down.

And it just goes to show how much I never knew about tea—the term for teapots and tea spoons is tea equipage.


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