What did Bill Clinton say to the vegan?

Is that Daiya on your dress, or am I having a flashback?

Macleans called Daiya “fake cheese that’ll make vegans swoon.” And Bill Clinton, a newly converted plant-based eater, is swooning over his 24-pound weight loss. He says he feels great since adapting to a plant-based diet, with a little fish now and again.

I was sceptical that I could ever love a vegan Caesar salad or a vegan nacho dish, but dining out with Earthsave’s Vancouver Meatless Meetup group, proved me wrong. I loved both the Caesar and the nachos.

Located on the upper eastside of Vancouver, the Eat, Drink and Perch at the Arc Café is an oddly shaped café with a balcony holding about six or seven tiny tables that seat three people each. Nice and cosy for a private party like ours. The balcony overlooks the bar and tables downstairs. This café on Powell Street, owned by the Wallflower on Main, caters to vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free dieters. But, it also offers meat.

Our menu included 10” flatbread pizza and dessert. And you can mix two pizzas, half and half. I chose yam, garlic, cashew, and arugula, and on the other half, delicate pesto and Daiya cheese. The toppings were delicious, but the chef needs to work on the flatbread. I imagine making a gluten-free thin crust is a challenge. A little too chewy, or undercooked.

The vegan pumpkin pie was a little tart compared to commercial or homemade pies doused with sugar that I’m used to. But I wouldn’t hesitate to order it again. I tasted the creamy coconut pie, which was heavenly. You’ll love it.

Overall, I’d give The Perch 8/10 for food, service, and atmosphere. Good company. And a friendly Earthsave member drove me home. My Meatless Meetup experience was a 10!


Calorie Lab’s transcript of Bill Clinton on his new diet
The China Study, the book that influenced Bill Clinton
Nothing but beans, The Telegraph on Clinton’s new diet


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