Break-Up with Your Car

In Vancouver in June, cyclists rock all month long. Bikesummer grew into Velolove, which evolved into Velopalooza. And the city’s bike culture continues to grow.

The 2010 Velopalooza Finale at Strathcona Park was a little quiet and equally dull until the B:C:Clettes showed up. These women cycling performers share a red velo fetish, and in their trademark red helmets, the B:C:Clettes shook their boodies to songs from SexyBack to Singin’ in the Rain. In one skit, the dancers encourage a driver to break up with her car. Quite instantly, the driver falls in love with a tall, dark and shiny bicycle—and she never looks back.

Whether drivers like it or not, the City of Vancouver is making it easier to break-up with a car, at least for commuting downtown. Another new bike lane is ready for cyclists along the Georgia Viaduct and Dunsmuir Street. While many drivers are pissed off about this latest development, the city moves ahead. See you at the Urban Bike Fair.


BEST—June is bike month
History of Velopalooza
Velopalooza calendar
Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition
UBC’s Cycling route planner


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