Blues and whips

Last week or so, I took a friend to the Cottage Bistro, a live music restaurant on Main Street, Vancouver, for a birthday dinner. The website indicated a motorbike event, so I called ahead to confirm the time and type of music. I was two months late with this dinner invite, so we decided to go ahead with our plans.

At the Cottage Bistro, I ordered the buffalo burger and my companion chose fish and chips. I don’t know how the venue managed to blow preparing rather simple food, but the food was a disappointment. And instead of blues, there was a heavy rock band. In such a small venue, the sound blasted me and my companion out of our seats and into the street. We passed a long line of patrons buying beer, and outside, parked motorcycles lined the street for a block or two.

Wanting to salvage the evening, I suggested we stroll down Main Street to find a place for dessert and a drink. Tucked away on East 6th off of Main, we found The Whip. We passed on a drink and shared a lovely chocolate dessert sweetened with strawberries.

I’ll never return to the Cottage Bistro to eat, but dropping in on a late Saturday afternoon for a drink and live blues, is still in the cards

Blues at the Cottage


The Whip Gallery Restaurant on Facebook gives The Whip a good review


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