Bagels and bikes

Waking up on Sunday, the morning of the Tour de Blintz, my eyes met an intense downpour of rain. As I slid open the patio door, the sound of the rain was as heavy as a Tom Waits song. It was still early—5:30 am—and knowing Vancouver weather, a lot could happen by 9:30. I was an hour’s ride to the start of the Tour and by the time I arrived, the rain had toned down to a drizzle. Within a few minutes, the rain had stopped.

About 20 people, including a 3-generation family of five (on two tandem bicycles, one with a trailer for the little kid), enjoyed the leisure 45km Tour around Vancouver. We stopped at several

Jewish eateries for a sampling of food such as latkes and bagels with cream cheese.

The Jewish Museum and the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition hosted the ride, and a longer, 75km ride the following Sunday. Thanks to Greg Robinson at the Jewish Museum for organizing the tour.

The 2008 Tour de Blintz

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