Taking the boy out of George, one lonely note at a time

My day begins with the newspaper. Years ago, I would wake to a thudding sound as the newspaper hit my front door. But as crime escalated in the city, my condo will no longer allow the newspaper delivery person to enter the locked building. In the early morning, I slip on a house coat and quietly walk down to the front door—the only resident with a newspaper subscription.

And after receiving an impossibly cheap subscription to the National Post, I’ve continue to subscribe to the Post (much to the chagrin of my left-leaning and liberal friends).

Today, in an article titled This Hour Has One Host, television columnist Robert Cushman smashes up a YouTube video satirizing George Stroumboulopoulos’ and Jian Ghomeshi’s CBC shows. In the YouTube segment, the hosts of This Hour and CBC radio one entertainment show Q go on and on about how wonderful they are. Shaun Majumder plays Jian and Mark Critch plays George. And did I say they talk about how wonderful they are?

After mentioning the awful red furniture on the set of The Hour, Cushman comments on the portrayal of the George character.

“Even more fearlessly, it reproduced the tiny tuft of hair that sprouts beneath George’s lower lip, whose function seems to be to supply a lonely note of gravitas to balance the boyishness.”


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